Venturing Crews consist of young men and women age 14 through 20. Attracting those who seek to lead life as an adventure. We do many activities defined by the interests of our crew members and enjoy doing things such as Leading, Planning, Serving, Growing, Teaching, Mentoring, Being outdoors, Learning, Building relationships, and Preparing for life. We are all part of this crew to serve others, gain valuable leadership experience, and grow personally. The variety of adventures you choose is limited only by your imagination and your willingness to do what it takes to achieve your goals.

Meet our Officers



About them

Kent Wharton


The Advisor works directly with the Crew President. I mentor him and make sure that the crew is going forward with all the plans and activities  



The president is the primary leader of the crew. My job is to provide the youth within the crew with the knowledge and capability of stepping into a leadership position. I'm here to make sure that the crew is learning while still having fun and to oversee the events that the crew has planned.


Vice President of Administration

Leads the crew in recruiting new members and encouraging present members who seem to be losing interest. Also manages member recognition. I use insight from my scouting experiences, such as NYLT and OA to help our crew to be the best it can be.


Vice President of Communication

In charge of all Communication inside and outside of the crew. Head of website committee, supervisor of the webmaster, historian, and secretary. I hope to better the lines of communication amoung all crew members, future members, leaders, and parents.


Vice President of

I am the Vice President of Programs. My responsibility is to find, create, and lead activitiesfor the Crew. I try to plan fun but still educational events, so that the crew will be benefiting from our program.



I am the treasurer for Crew 73. My role is to generate income and fundraising ideas that will benefit the Crew. This will promote the Crew by allowing us to go on more activities and create more events.



Records all important information at meetings and other events if necessary then makes sure that those records are safely kept for future need.